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Copperleigh Trout Cottages

A Fly Fisherman's Dream



Copperleigh Trout Cottages

Situated in the beautiful upper Dargle area of the Midlands of Kwazulu Natal, Copperleigh Farm is about 30km from the town of Howick, and 22km from Boston (make sure you’ve packed enough groceries before you arrive!). You will have to travel on both tar and gravel roads, the gravel road is generally good and any vehicle should be fine to drive on it.

GPS Coordinates:

Latitude: -29.5237388

Longitude: 29.96705010000005

We are listed on GoogleMaps, search for: “Copperleigh Trout Cottages”.

**NB - Please take note that if you are travelling on the N3 from Gauteng heading towards Howick, GoogleMaps may try to take you off the highway too early on a much longer route via Nottingham Road and the Fort Nottingham gravel road. Rather stay on the N3 highway until you see the “Howick\Tweedie” offramp and take that – then you should be able to follow your GoogleMaps or SatNav the rest of the way with ease.  

* Coming from Durban from the N3 highway near the town of Howick in KZN, take the Howick\Tweedie exit and turn left to head away from Howick towards Lions River (R107). If coming from Johannesburg then take the Howick\Tweedie exit and turn right to head towards Lions River.

* At the T-Junction (R103), turn right. Continue straight, drive through the small town of Lions River, head over the bridge which crosses the Lions River, then look out for the Dargle/Impendle (P134) road on your left hand side, turn left. If you see Piggly Wiggly shopping area you've gone too far.

* Continue straight on the Dargle\Impendle road (P134) for +-20km, do not turn off anywhere.

* Eventually it will become a gravel road (P130). Continue for about another 7km.

* Look out for the Boston\Everglades turnoff, then turn left onto that road (P132).

* Continue straight for +-1km and look for the 'Copperleigh Trout Cottages' signboard on your left and turn in there. Continue down the driveway until you see the signs for either the Lodge or the Cabin once you are through the electric gate and go straight to your unit. Let us know when you have arrived so we can come and meet and greet you.

Boston, Dargle, Impendle Community Tourism Organisation
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